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What makes makeup so appealing? Is it the idea that one can hide behind it when she or he has to face the real world? Speaking on behalf of those who wear makeup, I think we all know that it can only do so much. As much as we love to contour, we know that it cannot actually change the shapes of our faces and overdrawing your lips will not make them more plump once you wash that lipstick off. Now, don’t get me wrong; I am in no way bagging on makeup! I am basically obsessed with the stuff, but my reason for liking it is not because it hides the aspects of my face that I don’t like. Makeup isn’t meant to be a mask! It’s meant to be a paintbrush with which you have the power to depict yourself in whatever way you choose.

The freedom to choose is an important topic in today’s society. People are constantly fighting for the ability to make choices and in reality everything is a choice in life. Those who swear against makeup because they think it’s too shallow don’t tend to realize that they are making just as shallow of a choice when refusing to wear any. Any decision about the way one looks is technically shallow. Whether you slather it on heavy or go natural, you put thought into your appearance. With the existence of makeup, we are given choices and isn’t that beautiful? Therefore, I propose that, in a way, makeup is equivalent to power.

In a perfect world we would have complete power over our appearances. This would significantly decrease self-esteem issues and eliminate dangerous cosmetic operations; however, we will never have this much control and beauty standards would cause everyone to look exactly the same. This is why we must love and make the most out of our given features. In this case, makeup can be our best friend. Makeup accentuates; it does not “correct.” For example, I have always had freckles across my nose and cheeks and I have always loved them; however, I have had multiple occasions in which people have advised me on how to cover them up. No one should tell you how to feel about your own features. Because I refused to listen to those people, I have always chosen foundations that allow my freckles to shine through; however, if I had felt differently about my freckles from the start and I wanted to cover them up, all I would have had to do is look for a different kind of foundation. Do you see how makeup can be used to build your best you?

I always say that makeup should be considered an art form because it may just be the most widely used form of self-expression. I encourage all people to explore the world of makeup because my experiences with it have significantly boosted my self-esteem and helped me find and express myself. The beauty of makeup is that it’s all up to you.



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