CLASS 6th + CLASS 7th


Learning can be fun when done the right way and PAYODHI through its NCERT solutions for class 7 of Science, Math and Social Science makes it a much better experience. Study of other subjects of CBSE 7 class Maths, English, Science and Social science syllabus wise study is also easily available. PAYODHI provides objective questions in CBSE class 7th Maths, Science, Social Science question papers which are less time consuming. Keeping in mind the pattern of the questions papers which the students attempt in their examinations, PAYODHI  has designed the CBSE class 7 model Sample papers in the same manner.Highlighting the key points for future reference is one of the best techniques for exam preparation and CBSE 7 class notes of SelfEnabler make it even easier.

Study material is provided in the form of:

NCERT solutions for class 7 are provided.
Notes, question papers, Solutions are found according to CBSE 7 class syllabus.
Comprehensive study in the form of CBSE class 7 question papers.
CBSE class 7 model Sample papers are also a part of our study material.
CBSE 7 class notes makes it even more easier for students to inculcate knowledge.

Class 6th

With the CBSE 6 class syllabus, many things are new to the student’s understanding and payodhi ensures that it is a slow but a beneficial process. Sample CBSE class 6 Math, Science, Social Science and English Question Papers are an easy way to prepare for the examinations. On the other hand the CBSE model papers of Social Science for class 6 cover each and every significant topic under every subject thus a thorough revision of the whole syllabus. Being one of the top notch solutions providers for students, payodhi classified CBSE class 6 notes for students.

Study material is provided in the form of:

Free NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 6 to the assessments questions
Video lectures on topic based on CBSE classes syllabus.
E-homework for students of Class 6
CBSE solutions for RD Sharma and books of other prominent writers
Paper projects that takes the knowledge of a student to another level
NCERT Text book solutions
6 standard online sample paper for that keep students in a regular practice mode
NCERT Class 6 online books
CBSE Class 6 Online worksheets to stay abreast with the chapters studied in class

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